Chalcedon Presbyterian Church


Time and Thought: The Story of Philosophy Through History

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Philosophy can be complicated. All the -isms attached to words like rational, relative, material, and positive make understanding difficult. What do these words mean and why do they matter?

This seminar taught by Pastor Tim Price approached the -isms from a sequential, historical perspective to show how important ideas developed and where they came from. By understanding these philosophies we can understand our world better, and understand why people think the way they do. It also helps us to understand the relationship between men’s thoughts and ideas as they relate to the teaching of the Scripture, and to be able to contrast God’s thoughts against man’s thoughts.

Lecture Topics included:

The Seeds of Human Thought: Genesis 3-6, the Material of the Thought Life
The Antediluvian System
The Flood
The Postdiluvian Reconstruction: Part One
The Postdiluvian Reconstruction: Part Two/ The Maturation of Heathendom
The Postdiluvian Reconstruction: Part Three
The Bible vs. Mythology
Rise of Philosophy
The Milesian Philosophers
The Classical Philosophers
Stoicism, Hedonism, and Epicureanism
The Bible vs. Philosophy
Rome: The Culmination of the Mytho-Philosophy
Christ: The Wisdom of God
Philosophy and Early Christian Heresies
The Light Age
The Rise of the Modern Age
Renaissance vs. Reformation
This Is All There Is, Or Is It?
Positivism and Determinism
Enlightenment and Theology
Postmodernism: The Age of Nihilism