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Women of the Bible Series

Women of the Bible Series
Women of the Bible Series
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“Throughout the history of the Church, God has raised up righteous women to advance and preserve His promises and to protect His Covenant where men have failed or have wantonly breached the scarlet line. This series explores the character and work of some of these women (with one exception, i.e. Athaliah). No book shows the tenderness of God toward women like the Bible. They are the guardians of the faith and exemplars of humility.” — Pastor Tim Price

There are many modern thinkers and theologians who claim that the Bible is mysoginistic, not caring about women and relegating them to a subservient role where they are oppressed. The truth is quite the opposite, and can be clearly seen in an in-depth study of its many stories of special women used by God in the building of His kingdom!

Through the course of this intimate 16-lecture Bible study series by Pastor Tim Price, you will learn about extraordinary women that God used in history to save His people from danger, protect the future of His covenant people, build Godly families and nations, herald the birth of the Savior, and more. These women’s stories have a multitude of lessons to teach, and serve as examples hailed by God Himself for women today in their fights of faith and struggles for Christ’s church!


Manoah’s Wife
Hannah, Pt 1-2
Rebekah, Pt 1-2
Sarah, Pt 1-3
Martha and Mary

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