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Walk About Zion Series

Walk About Zion Series
Walk About Zion Series
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“Where did the Church come from? When did it start? …Throughout history man has had organization… so what makes the Church unique? What’s more important, the Church or the family? The Church, or the government? …I hope we will be able to sort all of that out, particularly once we understand what the Bible says the Church is.” — Pastor Tim Price

According to many modern pundits and religious idealogues, we are living in the “post-church age,” having moved past the need or desire for organized religion, especially Christianity. Is this true, and what does God have to say about the Church in the Bible?

In this 25-lecture study series by Pastor Tim Price, the listener will learn what God thinks about the Church and its role in a Christian’s life, from its roots in Genesis, to its full revelation in the New Testament. Through a deep study of Scripture, common questions such as “Do we need the Church?”, or “What should a church look like?” are answered, and Christ’s eventual victory through His Church proclaimed!


The Roots of the Church, Pt 1-4
The Church in the Wilderness, Pt 1-3
The Creation of the Church
The Exodus of the Church
The Westminster Confession on the Church, Pt 1-4
Ecclesiastical Government, Pt 1-5
The Holy Spirit's Empowerment in Church Government
The Church Militant, Pt 1-3
The Bride
The Body
Ephesians 3

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