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Theonomy in the New Testament Series MP3 Download

Theonomy in the New Testament Series MP3 Download
Theonomy in the New Testament Series MP3 Download
Price: $8.00

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from the Theonomy in the New Testament series!

"We are supposed to obey God, and it really is that simple. There is no abrogation of obedience to God. Anti-theonomy, or autonomy is just one of many doors that antinomianism takes to come into the church and mess up God's people. Antinomianism means "against the law," or "without the law." It comes from the Greek word anomia, which means "without law," or as we would say it, "lawlessness." What is lawlessness? The Westminster Standards tell us that sin is lawlessness. Lawlessness equals sin, so am I going to go into a lawless camp? When I do that I'm walking out of the camp of righteousness, and I'm walking in the camp of sin!" - Pastor Tim Price

In this series, Pastor Tim Price teaches on the subject of theonomy, a doctrine which has been believed by the Christian church for thousands of years, but has recently become very controversial. The question at hand is this: are we still obligated to obey God’s commands in the Bible? Despite the inherent simplicity of this doctrine, it has been unnecessarily complicated in the modern debates on the subject. Intending to clear away the debris and clarify just how important this doctrine is, Pastor Price teaches through many New Testament passages which address theonomy.


Under the Law or Not
Christ in the Sanhedrin
The Parables of the Kingdom, Parts 1-4
The Apostle John and Theonomy, Parts 1-2
Righteousness and the Law
Righteousness and Postmillenialism
Theonomy and the Kingdom, Parts 1-2
Theonomy and the Book of Revelation, Parts 1-4

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