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Study Guides

Study Guides

The Chalcedon Store has many study guides for sermon series that have been preached at Chalcedon, ranging from lecture notes to question-and-answer study guides for homeschooling and personal study.

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American History Lectures
Was our nation founded on Biblical principles? If so, what were those principles? This book by Joe Morecraft will give you the truth of our history. Approximately 210 pgs.
Christian Education Booklet
Does the Bible give us direction about educating our children? Joe Morecraft's sermon notes on Christian Education will help you to understand what God requires of us concerning education. Approximately 80 pages.
Christian Family Booklet
What does a Christian family look like? How are we to live our lives before God? What does God require of our families? Joe Morecraft's sermon notes will help you to answer these questions. 173 pages.
Christian Survey of World History From Creation to Reformation
This book teaches a Christian view of history, beginning with Creation, and emphasizing the Reformation time period, including a close look at the Westminster divines. 409 pages
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
Biblical and Presbyterian Ecclesiology and Polity (Revised and Expanded) - approximately 475 pages.
Covenant of God Study Guide
In this study guide that accompanies his 5-sermon series, Joe Morecraft gives a thorough introduction to covenant theology, tracing the series of covenants that God made with His people in history all the way to the fulfillment of God’s covenant promises in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 35 pages.
Deuteronomy Study Guide
This study guide accompanies the forty-nine-sermon series from 2007-2008, in which Joe Morecraft explores the lessons and applications of Deuteronomy for every area of Christian life and society. 112 pages. Unproofed and unedited.
Exodus Study Guide
"The Redemption of God's Covenant People", 251 pages.
Genesis: Creation & Covenant Booklet
This comprehensive set of sermon study notes will help the reader to build a Biblical worldview, beginning with the foundations laid in the Book of Genesis. 502 pages plus Introduction and Supplements.
Gospel of Truth
Search the Scripture to learn how to live like Christians in your daily life. 81 pages.
Haggai and Zechariah Study Guide
An in-depth study of two prophets: Haggai and Zechariah. 102 pages.
Historical Theology Study Guide
A 2-volume study guide to accompany the Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Joe Morecraft,III. Topics include: Early Church Councils; Heresies in the Early Church; Athanasius; Augustine. 708 pages.
History of the Reformation Complete Study Guide
This is the question/answer study guide for the History of the Reformation Complete Study Set. Includes suggested reading/writing assignments. As part of a homeschool curriculum, the guide is designed for middle school-high school age students. 317 pages.
How to Study the Bible Biblically
Joe Morecraft gives us a series of Biblical principles that can help us interpret the Bible correctly. 67 pages.
Jeremiah Study Guide
"Jeremiah - Judgment and Restoration", approximately 160 pages.
Joshua Study Guide
"Taking Possession of Our Inheritance.", 218 pages. Unproofed and unedited.
Judges Study Guide
"The Distressing Need For a Righteous King", 242 pages.
Leviticus Study Guide
This study guide accompanies the 45-sermon series from 1980-81, in which Joe Morecraft explores the book of Leviticus in detail, looking at all the rich truths it contains, and its meaning for all aspects of our daily lives, whether in the church, family, or civil government. 167 pages. Unproofed and unedited.
Numbers Study Guide
This study guide accompanies the thirty-four-sermon series from 1989, in which Joe Morecraft explores the lessons learned by the Israelites as they prepared for war against the enemies of God, and applies them to the battles we face today. 136 pages. Unproofed and unedited.
Once in the End of the World - History Set
"World History from Creation to the Reformation", by Pastor Tim Price. This is a comprehensive history curriculum for elementary/middle-school level students. Includes Textbook (445 pages) and Teacher Guide (89 pages).
Once in the End of the World - History Textbook
"World History from Creation to the Reformation", by Pastor Tim Price. This is a comprehensive history textbook for elementary/middle-school level students. 445 pages.
Once in the End of the World - Teacher Guide
"World History from Creation to the Reformation", by Pastor Tim Price. This is the Teacher Guide for the corresponding elementary/middle-school level history textbook. 89 pages.
Proverbs Study Guide
A guide to apply the book of Proverbs to everyday matters. 176 pages. Unproofed and unedited.
Reconstruction of Preaching
A study guide on the topic of preaching, from a lecture series for Christ Theological Seminary. 308 pages.
Recovery of Hope
"In the face of this despairing society, the Christian church must declare loudly, compassionately and confidently that Christianity is a religion of hope, that the Gospel of Christ brings hope that will not disappoint..." - Joe Morecraft, 83 pages.
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