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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Chalcedon Media Ministry has made available many sermon series recordings, both from Joe Morecraft's 40 years at Chalcedon and from Pastor Tim Price. We have series for everyone on subjects covering all areas of life and theology.

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Revelation Sermon Series
This series is a groundbreaking look into the oft-debated book of Revelation. Many people have tried to understand Revelation and failed, which leaves an impression that it is impossible for ordinary Christians to understand. This is a 35 sermon series. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Ruth Sermon Series
In this 6 sermon series from 1994, Joe Morecraft delves deeply into the story of Ruth and Boaz, showing us just how important its major themes are to our lives as Christians.
Singlehood and Womanhood - The Christian Family Series
In this six sermon set from the Christian Family series, Joe Morecraft explores singlehood from the Scripture, and exposits Proverbs 31 and its definition of Biblical womanhood.
Sufficiency of the Bible Series
The Sufficiency of the Bible for Worship, Politics, Counseling, the Family, and the Church. 12 sermon series.
The Foundation of the Family - The Christian Family Series
In this ten sermon set from the Christian Family series, Joe Morecraft lays the foundation for the Biblical functions and roles of the family, looking at the starting point of the family in marriage, the importance of Godly families in the church, and the glorious future that righteous families have before them!
The Ministry of Nouthetic Counseling
In this 20-lecture series from 1983, Joe Morecraft teaches a complete course on Biblical counseling that is meant to equip every Christian to give true, workable solutions to the complex relational problems found in today’s world.
The Ministry of Parenting - The Christian Family Series
In this eight sermon set from the Christian Family series, Joe Morecraft examines God’s instructions to mothers and fathers in their high calling as Christian parents, beginning with their foundational spiritual leadership role in their families, and looking at all the important roles they must fulfill in bringing up Godly children.
Theology of Singlehood Sermon Series
A concise 3 sermon series, on Audio CD, on the meaning of singlehood, part of the Christian Family series. These sermons are specifically addressed to those in the church who are single for whatever reason.
Theonomy in the New Testament Series
In this 18-lecture series, Pastor Tim Price teaches on the subject of theonomy, a doctrine which has been believed by the Christian church for thousands of years, but has recently become very controversial.
Theonomy Sermon Series
In this 10 sermon series from 1982-1983, Joe Morecraft examines the subject of theonomy from the Bible, showing exactly what our attitude toward God’s Law should be in our lives today.
Through the Bible Sermon Series
Listen and follow along as Joe Morecraft preaches through the entire Bible. In each sermon he gives a brief outline and includes in-depth application that brings out the woven fabric of God's revealed Word. This is a 69 sermon series. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Time and Thought Seminar
This seminar taught by Pastor Tim Price approaches the -isms from a sequential, historical perspective to show how important ideas developed and where they came from. By understanding these philosophies we can understand our world better, and understand why people think the way they do. It also helps us understand the relationship between men’s thoughts and ideas as they relate to the teaching of Scripture, and to be able to contrast God’s thoughts and man’s thoughts. 25 Audio or Video Lectures.
True Worship Sermon Series
In this 21-sermon series from 1995-1997, Joe Morecraft examines the subject of the worship of God from a distinctively Reformed perspective.
Walk About Zion Series
In this 25-lecture study series by Pastor Tim Price, the listener will learn what God thinks about the Church and its role in a Christian’s life, from its roots in Genesis, to its full revelation in the New Testament. Through a deep study of Scripture, common questions such as “Do we need the Church?”, or “What should a church look like?” are answered, and Christ’s eventual victory through His Church proclaimed!
Way To Revival Sermon Series
A 6 sermon series by Joe Morecraft on the history of and need for revival in the Church and the nations.
Westminster Standards Seminar Series
This 24 lecture series, taught by Joe Morecraft, III, is an explanation of the teaching of the Westminster Standards.
Women of the Bible Series
Through the course of this intimate 16-lecture Bible study series by Pastor Tim Price, you will learn about extraordinary women that God used in history to save His people from danger, protect the future of His covenant people, build Godly families and nations, herald the birth of the Savior, and more. These women’s stories have a multitude of lessons to teach, and serve as examples hailed by God Himself for women today in their fights of faith and struggles for Christ’s church!
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