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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Chalcedon Media Ministry has made available many sermon series recordings, both from Joe Morecraft's 40 years at Chalcedon and from Pastor Tim Price. We have series for everyone on subjects covering all areas of life and theology.

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Ideas Have Consequences Study Set
Watching the news or observing the American culture begs the question, "What went wrong?" This is the complete study set, including an audio set, a question/answer study guide, and recommended additional reading.
Isaiah Sermon Series Volume I - Crisis and the Messiah
This Bible study series by Pastor Tim Price explores Isaiah’s themes of divine judgment and dire societal distress in theology, history, and critiques of ancient and modern culture. This 55-sermon first volume of the Isaiah series covers the first eighteen chapters of Isaiah’s “vision.” Set of 5 MP3 CDs.
Jeremiah Series
In this 25-lecture series from 1987, Joe Morecraft teaches through the book of Jeremiah, looking at the history and theology behind the book, and the practical applications of it to our lives today.
Job Sermon Series
"The Heart of a Godly Man", 51 Sermons. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
John Calvin, The Life and Global Influence of
Who was John Calvin? How does his life still influence ours today? Learn the truth about one of the most influential forefathers of the faith! This is a 26 sermon series.
Joshua Sermon Series
Throughout this 49-sermon series by Joe Morecraft from 1990/1991, the covenant faithfulness of God is revealed, and the strategies for defeating the enemies of Christ’s Church explored in history. Learn how Christ’s kingdom on earth is to be established under His kingly reign, and build your faith through surveying the rich examples of God’s covenant faithfulness in the book of Joshua! Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Leviticus Sermon Series
In this 45-sermon series from 1980-81, Joe Morecraft explores the book of Leviticus in detail, looking at all the rich truths it contains, and its meaning for all aspects of our daily lives, whether in the church, family, or civil government. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Mark Sermon Series
In this 83-sermon series from 1980-81, Joe Morecraft explores the meaning of the life, work, and person of Jesus Christ from Mark’s unique Holy-Spirit-inspired perspective. Set of 4 MP3 CDs.
Marriage and the Gospel - The Christian Family Series
In this nine sermon set from the Christian Family series, Joe Morecraft teaches from the Scriptures regarding the relationship between marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
New Testament Exposition CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Chris Strevel, Joe Morecraft,III, Jeff Black, and Wayne Rogers. 27 Audio or Video Lectures.
New Testament Theology CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Pastor Jeff Black. 28 Audio or Video Lectures.
Numbers Sermon Series
In this thirty-four-sermon series from 1989, Joe Morecraft explores the lessons learned by the Israelites as they prepared for war against the enemies of God, and applies them to the battles we face today.
Old Testament Exposition CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Joe Morecraft, III, Henry Johnson, Don Crowe, Chris Strevel, and John Otis. 28 Audio or Video Lectures.
Parables of Jesus Sermon Series
In this 36-sermon series from 1985-1986, Joe Morecraft examines all of Jesus’ parables in detail using proper methods of interpretation, and applies each one to our own Christian walk.
Parents and Children - The Christian Family Series
This set of fourteen sermons from the Christian Family series gives an in-depth look at the divinely-ordained role of parents in creating a Biblical family culture and shepherding Godly covenant children, the goals of discipline and correction in child-training, and the responsibilities children have to obey and honor their parents.
Pastoral Counseling CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Lou Priolo. 26 Audio or Video Lectures.
Pastoral Theology CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Pastor Wayne Rogers. 25 Audio or Video Lectures.
Prayer Sermon Series
In this 22-sermon series from 2000-2001, Joe Morecraft examines what prayer is and isn’t, destroying common misconceptions that Christians hold today, and giving practical advice on how to pray in a Biblical manner.
Presuppositional Apologetics Series
Many Christians in our time are confused about how to defend their belief in God and the Bible. In this study series by Pastor Tim Price, listeners will learn the presuppositional apologetic method from the Bible itself, giving all Christians a solid foundation for what they believe, and a strategy to defend it before the world.
Providence and History CTS Module
In this module, entitled Providence and History, Tim Price, Joe Morecraft, III, and Bill Potter lecture on some of the most important historical periods for Christians to understand. 18 Audio or Video Lectures.
Public Worship Sermon Series
In modern Christianity, the congregational worship of God has been continually deemphasized, perverted, and thrown aside. In this 5-sermon series, Joe Morecraft sets forward the Biblical model for public worship.
Raising Young Adults Sermon Series
Modern evolutionary psychology has created a developmental category called “adolescence,” or “the teenage years.” In this seven-sermon series, Pastor Tim Price blows these myths out of the water, showing the true, Biblical model for young adulthood.
Rebuilding America Sermon Series
Principles of Christian Reconstruction - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah. An introduction to the theology and philosophy of Christian Reconstructionism. This 16 sermon series from 1984 is even more relevant for us today than it was then!!
Reconstruction of Preaching CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Joe Morecraft, III. 23 Audio or Video Lectures.
Remember the Sabbath Day
A 4-sermon series designed to instruct and encourage families and individuals to rejoice in the Lord's Day. 1) The Fourth Commandment, 2) What to do and not to do on the Sabbath, 3) Saturday to Sunday, 4) A Remaining Sabbath for Christians.
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