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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Chalcedon Media Ministry has made available many sermon series recordings from Pastor Tim Price and other ministers. We have series for everyone on subjects covering all areas of life and theology.

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2 Corinthians Sermon Series
In this 40-sermon series on 2nd Corinthians by Pastor Tim Price, the listener will discover Christ’s path of humility and exaltation, and the necessity of unity and peace with fellow believers in the church. The believer is not meant to be alone. The necessary strength to endure affliction and overcome sin can only be found in union with the body of Christ. Set of 4 MP3 CDs.
Biblical Presuppositional Apologetics CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Michael Butler. 27 Audio or Video Lectures.
Christian Ethics CTS Module
In this module, entitled Christian Ethics, Pastor Chris Strevel explores the subject of ethics and morality in detail, beginning with a general survey of ethical systems and the Christian view of ethics, and continuing through a detailed exposition of Biblical ethics in the Law of God and the Word Himself, Jesus Christ. 28 Audio or Video Lectures.
Daniel Series
In this 20-lecture series Pastor Tim Price teaches through Daniel, considered by dispensationalists to hold many references to “the coming rapture” and the end of the world. The truth about this book is more interesting and relevant to a Christian’s life.
Esther Series
In this 9-lecture Bible study series, Pastor Tim Price teaches verse-by-verse through this unique book, bringing out its place in the Bible and history, and its lessons for God’s people in all ages. All through the schemes of pagan leaders and their unjust political systems, the jealousy and hatred of God’s people by wicked men, and the twists and turns of a Jewish girl’s rise to royalty and influence, God’s sovereign care and protection of His elect people shines forth!
Isaiah Sermon Series Volume I - Crisis and the Messiah
This Bible study series by Pastor Tim Price explores Isaiah’s themes of divine judgment and dire societal distress in theology, history, and critiques of ancient and modern culture. This 55-sermon first volume of the Isaiah series covers the first eighteen chapters of Isaiah’s “vision.” Set of 5 MP3 CDs.
Life of David Series
In the circumstances of David’s life, and the journey that God took him on in order to prepare him for the place God had prepared for him, we can learn much about how to live our own lives more faithfully in God’s service, and how to seek His face when we fall. Set of 2 MP3 CDs with 31 lectures.
Life of Elijah Series
NEW! In this 13-lecture series, Pastor Tim Price explores the world of Elijah’s day, and the unique wisdom and Biblical lessons to be learned from his prophetic ministry to Judah.
New Testament Theology CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Pastor Jeff Black. 28 Audio or Video Lectures.
Once in the End of the World - History Audio Lessons
New! "World History from Creation to the Reformation", by Pastor Tim Price. This is a comprehensive ancient history series for elementary/middle-school level students, grades 5-7. Included are 33 lessons on 2 MP3 Audio CDs.
Pastoral Counseling CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Lou Priolo. 26 Audio or Video Lectures.
Presuppositional Apologetics Series
Many Christians in our time are confused about how to defend their belief in God and the Bible. In this study series by Pastor Tim Price, listeners will learn the presuppositional apologetic method from the Bible itself, giving all Christians a solid foundation for what they believe, and a strategy to defend it before the world.
Raising Young Adults Sermon Series
Modern evolutionary psychology has created a developmental category called “adolescence,” or “the teenage years.” In this seven-sermon series, Pastor Tim Price blows these myths out of the water, showing the true, Biblical model for young adulthood.
Theonomy in the New Testament Series
In this 18-lecture series, Pastor Tim Price teaches on the subject of theonomy, a doctrine which has been believed by the Christian church for thousands of years, but has recently become very controversial.
Time and Thought Seminar
This seminar taught by Pastor Tim Price approaches the -isms from a sequential, historical perspective to show how important ideas developed and where they came from. By understanding these philosophies we can understand our world better, and understand why people think the way they do. It also helps us understand the relationship between men’s thoughts and ideas as they relate to the teaching of Scripture, and to be able to contrast God’s thoughts and man’s thoughts. 25 Audio or Video Lectures.
Walk About Zion Series
In this 25-lecture study series by Pastor Tim Price, the listener will learn what God thinks about the Church and its role in a Christian’s life, from its roots in Genesis, to its full revelation in the New Testament. Through a deep study of Scripture, common questions such as “Do we need the Church?”, or “What should a church look like?” are answered, and Christ’s eventual victory through His Church proclaimed!
Women of the Bible Series
Through the course of this intimate 16-lecture Bible study series by Pastor Tim Price, you will learn about extraordinary women that God used in history to save His people from danger, protect the future of His covenant people, build Godly families and nations, herald the birth of the Savior, and more. These women’s stories have a multitude of lessons to teach, and serve as examples hailed by God Himself for women today in their fights of faith and struggles for Christ’s church!
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