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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Chalcedon Media Ministry has made available many sermon series recordings, both from Joe Morecraft's 40 years at Chalcedon and from Pastor Tim Price. We have series for everyone on subjects covering all areas of life and theology.

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1 Corinthians Sermon Series
In this 66-sermon series from 1988-89, Joe Morecraft, III explores the rich and diverse truths of I Corinthians and their practical application to our lives and our churches. Set of 4 MP3 CDs.
2 Corinthians Sermon Series
In this 40-sermon series on 2nd Corinthians by Pastor Tim Price, the listener will discover Christ’s path of humility and exaltation, and the necessity of unity and peace with fellow believers in the church. The believer is not meant to be alone. The necessary strength to endure affliction and overcome sin can only be found in union with the body of Christ. Set of 4 MP3 CDs.
2 Corinthians Sermon Series Morecraft
Through this 37-sermon series from 1989-90, Joe Morecraft, III explores the rich and diverse truths of II Corinthians and their practical application to our lives and our churches. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
American Mind in 1776 Series
Discover why the American Colonists fought for freedom. In this 6 sermon series, Joe Morecraft analyzes the deep roots of the worldview that produced America’s founding documents and the War for Independence.
American Mind in 1776 Study Set
Discover why the American Colonists fought for freedom. This is the complete study set, including a choice of either MP3 or CD audio, a question/answer study guide, and recommended additional reading.
Atlanta Christian Training Seminar 2011
A 5 lecture series on Audio CD, covering topics such as "The Roles of the Family", "How to Study the Bible Biblically", "Foundations and Teachings of History", and "Turning Boys into Men".
Biblical Presuppositional Apologetics CTS Module
A Christ Theological Seminary Module taught by Michael Butler. 27 Audio or Video Lectures.
Christian Education Sermon Series
Does the Bible give us direction about educating our children? Joe Morecraft's 6 sermons on Christian Education will help you to understand what God requires of us concerning education.
Christian Ethics CTS Module
In this module, entitled Christian Ethics, Pastor Chris Strevel explores the subject of ethics and morality in detail, beginning with a general survey of ethical systems and the Christian view of ethics, and continuing through a detailed exposition of Biblical ethics in the Law of God and the Word Himself, Jesus Christ. 28 Audio or Video Lectures.
Christian Family Sermon Series
Listen to the first sermon free! In this remastered forty-seven sermon series, Joe Morecraft gives the listener a panorama of God's standard for the Christian family throughout the Scriptures, covering a wide range of topics including Godly manhood and womanhood, marriage, parenting, parent-child relationships, and singlehood. Set of 6 MP3 CDs.
Christian Politics Set
Do you desire to better understand what the Bible says about civil government? Do you know what the source of law is, or should be? Set consists of book, sermon series, and two video DVDs.
Covenant of God Sermon Series
There are few doctrines as essential to Biblical Christianity as the doctrine of the covenant of God. It is at once a unifying framework for understanding the Scriptures, the basis of salvation in Christ, and the foundation of Christian civilization. In this series Joe Morecraft gives a thorough introduction to covenant theology, tracing the series of covenants that God made with His people in history, leading to the fulfillment of God’s covenant promises in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Covenants of Promise Sermon Series
In this 36-sermon series from 1983, Joe Morecraft examines the Reformed doctrine of the Covenant, which reveals the common thread that binds all of the Scriptures together. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Crises Facing Christians in the 21st Century
In this sermon series, Joe Morecraft teaches Christians to identify the real enemies of Christianity, and to understand why they must be seen as enemies. He shows how to resist and defeat their assaults in order to solve these crises.
Daniel Series
In this 20-lecture series Pastor Tim Price teaches through Daniel, considered by dispensationalists to hold many references to “the coming rapture” and the end of the world. The truth about this book is more interesting and relevant to a Christian’s life.
Deuteronomy Sermon Series
In this forty-nine-sermon series from 2007-2008, Joe Morecraft explores the lessons and applications of Deuteronomy for every area of Christian life and society, teaches us how we should express and apply our love for God and man in our daily lives, and shows how God uses His Gospel to motivate His people to obey His law. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Distinctives of the Reformed Faith
For those who are new to the Presbyterian doctrine, these sermons will clarify the difference between Presbyterianism and other denominations and will challenge you to examine your commitment to your church.
Esther Series
NEW! In this 9-lecture Bible study series, Pastor Tim Price teaches verse-by-verse through this unique book, bringing out its place in the Bible and history, and its lessons for God’s people in all ages. All through the schemes of pagan leaders and their unjust political systems, the jealousy and hatred of God’s people by wicked men, and the twists and turns of a Jewish girl’s rise to royalty and influence, God’s sovereign care and protection of His elect people shines forth!
Exodus Series
Exodus details the redemption of God's covenant people. In this thirty-one lecture Bible study series from 1987-88, Joe Morecraft addresses the fulfillment of God's covenant promise, the preparation and call to leadership of Moses, the accomplishment of redemption, the Mosaic Covenant, the Ten Commandments, and the Tabernacle.
Genesis Sermon Series
In this ninety-nine sermon series from 1990-92, Joe Morecraft preaches through the book of Genesis in a thorough and systematic fashion, addressing the theology, history, and life-wide implications of this key book. Set of 4 MP3 CDs.
Godly Marriage Series
Does the Bible give us instruction for marriage? How do we live our lives before God in our marriage relationships? Find out in this 6 sermon series by Joe Morecraft.
Hebrews Sermon Series
In this 50-sermon series from 1986-1987, Joe Morecraft unfolds the book of Hebrews, going through its theological arguments, fearsome warnings, and encouragements, and applying them to the Christian walk. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Historical Theology CTS Module
In this Christ Theological Seminary Module, entitled Historical Theology, Joe Morecraft lectures on some of the most important periods of church history in the area of theology. 27 Audio or Video Lectures, plus bonus Audio lecture.
History of the Reformation Sermon Series
In this 55 sermon series, history comes alive with vivid stories of men, women and children who lived their faith with intense fervor and commitment. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.
Ideas Have Consequences Series
Watching the news or observing the American culture begs the question, "What went wrong?" Listen to these lectures filled with historical facts and presentations of attitudes of another era and you will understand "What went wrong."
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