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Raising Young Adults Sermon Series

Raising Young Adults Sermon Series
Raising Young Adults Sermon Series
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“I want to set the background that we need to have for raising our children in general, raising your teenagers, and doing anything that you do, for that matter... The first thing I want to do is to ask this question: ‘what is a teenager?’ The bottom line about what a teenager is is that they are anybody above the age of thirteen, and before the age of twenty.

“‘Teenage’ has to do with a number, and it‘s a part of the number system. It isn’t a human being, and you need to make sure that it is very clear in your mind when you are with ‘teenagers,’ as it were, because the world has come along (for its own reasons), and has taught a lesson that almost everybody has bought into, and that is that there is such a thing as an ‘adolescent.’ Adolescence is an invention! It isn‘t a reality. God Himself didn’t invent people to pass ‘adolescence.’ Adolescence was invented in order to extend childhood and dependency, so that various organizations, including the American government, can have a longer period of time to condition a young human being into being the kind of citizen that they want them to be.” - Pastor Tim Price

Modern evolutionary psychology has created a developmental category called “adolescence,” or “the teenage years.” Replacing the older concept of young adulthood, the idea of “adolescence” has devalued this period of time in a person’s life, redefining it as an extension of childhood. In this seven-sermon series, Pastor Tim Price blows these myths out of the water, showing the true, Biblical model for young adulthood.

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