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Providence and History CTS Module

Providence and History CTS Module
Providence and History CTS Module
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Christ Theological Seminary modules are complete seminary level courses taught by ministers and theologians of the RPCUS.

In this module, entitled Providence and History, Tim Price, Joe Morecraft, III, and Bill Potter lecture on some of the most important historical periods for Christians to understand. Whether surveying the pagan cultures of antediluvia, detailing the philiosophies that led to the downfall of Puritanism, or examining the implications of just war theory on World War II, this dynamite series of lectures will increase both your knowledge of history and your love for the God that “governs in the affairs of men!”

18 Audio or Video Lectures.

Included Lectures:

1. The Doctrine of Providence & History (TP)
2. Antediluvia: The Preservation of God’s Word (TP)
3. The Tower of Babel: Divine Restraint Over Sin (TP)
4. The Four Kingdoms: Divine Control Over the City of Man (TP)
5. The Vikings: Roots of the Reformation (TP)
6. The First Africans in English America (JM)
7. The Rise and Fall of New England Puritanism (JM)
8. The Colonial Wars of America and Providential Significance (BP)
9. American Independence and the Ethics of Rebellion (JM)
10. The Forgotten Christian Founder: Patrick Henry (BP)
11. A Friendship That Changed History: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (BP)
12. Would George Washington Have Seceded from the Union with Robert E. Lee? (BP)
13. Why the South Lost the War Between the States: Some Secondary Causal Reflections (BP)
14. The Two Best Presidents: Tyler and Cleveland Contra Mundum (BP)
15. Robert Lewis Dabney: The Cassandra of Yankeedom (BP)
16. Just War Theory, Pearl Harbor, and the Second World War (BP)
17. Providence and D-Day (BP)
18. The Doolittle Raid, Providence, and the Kingdom of God (BP)

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