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Presuppositional Apologetics Series

Presuppositional Apologetics Series
Presuppositional Apologetics Series
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“Belief is what we do as human beings… The problem is, how well does that belief sit? What foundations does it sit on? This is what Jesus is talking to us about when He talks about the house built on the sand, the house built on the rock. The only rock there is is God’s Word! That is the rock, and that is the center idea behind presuppositionalism.” - Pastor Tim Price

Many Christians in our time are confused about how to defend their belief in God and the Bible, engaging in piecemeal arguments about this or that issue, but unable to effectively address unbelievers at the foundational level. What is lacking is an understanding of the Biblical method of defending the faith, which deals with the presuppositions behind belief and knowledge.

In this study series by Pastor Tim Price, listeners will learn the presuppositional apologetic method from the Bible itself, giving all Christians a solid foundation for what they believe, and a strategy to defend it before the world.

Series Topics Include:

Introduction to Presuppositionalism, 1-2
Presuppositionalism in Romans 3, 1-3
Presuppositionalism in Romans 6
Presuppositionalism in Romans 3
Presuppositionalism in Hebrews 1
Christ and Presuppositionalism
Old Testament and Presuppositionalism, 1-3
Summary of Biblical Presuppositionalism

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