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Philippians Series MP3 Download

Philippians Series MP3 Download
Philippians Series MP3 Download
Price: $8.00

“Paul is delighted with the Philippian church. When you look through most of the epistles, he’s not all that thrilled with a lot of things that he is seeing going on in several churches, but in this one he feels good about this church. There is very little in the way of admonishment to say to them, it’s mostly just pushing them onward in what they’re already doing. (Philippians) is about where the Christian life should be.

“You know, we go through this throughout life (and we’re going to do that), up and down, but there’s a steadiness that we need to establish in our lives, and Philippians really brings this out. It brings out how to live the spiritual life, even though everything else is going haywire. The haywire maybe is internal and external, and our emotions are going to follow the circumstances to a certain degree, but there has to be another part of us deeper in that keeps on going, that is always running in a straight line, and that’s really what this book is about.” - Pastor Tim Price

15 lectures in audio series.

Series Topics Include:

Introduction to Philippians
Imprisoned for Christ
To Live Is Christ
Union of the Body
Christ's Humiliation
Sanctification, Pt 1-2
Examples of Humility
Rejoice in the Lord
Pressing On
A Heavenly View
Living in Harmony
Living By the Whatevers
Paul's Economy

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