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Numbers Study Guide

Numbers Study Guide
Numbers Study Guide
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"The book of Numbers reveals how God prepared His people to conquer and occupy the land of Canaan, which God promised them in His covenant." - Joe Morecraft, III

This study guide accompanies the thirty-four-sermon series from 1989, in which Joe Morecraft explores the lessons learned by the Israelites as they prepared for war against the enemies of God, and applies them to the battles we face today. 136 pages. Unproofed and unedited.

Topics Include:

Introduction to Numbers

Introduction to Numbers: The Census of God's People

Organization for Mobilization

The Banners and Standards of the Army of the Lord

The Ransom of the Firstborn

Holiness: The Peace Shield of the Army of the Lord, Pt 1-2

The Benediction of the Lord

The Financing of the Tabernacle and the Purifying of the Levites

The Passover and Provisions of God for Guidance

God's Provisions for Leadership

The Leadership of Jehovah

The Treachery of Unbelief and Discontent

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

The Confirmation of God-Appointed Leadership

Unbelief and Revolution, Pt 1&3

The New Laws for God's People
The Rebellion of Korah

The Red Heifer and the Trek from Kadesh to Moab

The Trek from Kadesh to Moab, Pt 1-3

Final Instructions for Conquest, Drama of Balaam

The Prophecies of Balaam, Pt 1-2

The Seduction from Within

The Plan for a Smooth Transition

New Leadership and New Laws

The Preservation of Fruits of Conquest and the Dress Rehearsal for Conquest

Premature Land Apportionment and Itinerary Review

Expectant Vision of Hope and Victory: Conquest and Tolerance

The Cities of Refuge and the Laws of Inheritance by Marriage

A Review of Numbers and Deuteronomy

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