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Life of Elijah Series MP3 Download

Life of Elijah Series MP3 Download
Life of Elijah Series MP3 Download
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“Elijah’s background is hidden. It’s as if he comes out of nowhere. To say “Elijah the Tishbite,” Tishbite, what’s that? It’s nothing. It’s nowhere. There’s no city, in other words, he comes out of nowhere. ...His story is a story about spiritual growth, believe it or not, because there are two sides to the story of Elijah, the public things that he does which are very Christ-like, and then there is (and a lot of time is put into this) God tending to the man himself. He is tending to him, not just in physical things, but in spiritual things. He’s growing his faith as he goes along.” — Pastor Tim Price

Imagine a world full of wickedness; a world led by corrupt tyrants, taught falsehood by religious wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing, and destroyed from the inside out by moral darkness. Sound familiar? This was the world to which God sent Elijah, a nobody from nowhere, to speak His Word, and execute His judgments as a type of Christ. Throughout Elijah’s story, God shows both His righteousness in judging unfaithfulness and sin, and His tender care over the details of the lives of His people as individuals.

In this 13-lecture series, Pastor Tim Price explores the world of Elijah’s day, and the unique wisdom and Biblical lessons to be learned from his prophetic ministry to Judah. In the study of the life of Elijah, the listener will learn Biblical history and culture, rich theology as it works out in the lives of men and nations, and the depths of love and care God has for His people, no matter the evil around them!

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