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Life of David MP3 Download

Life of David MP3 Download
Life of David MP3 Download
Price: $12.00

“(David’s story is) a familiar story. It’s a lot like most people’s life, in how God deals with him as he goes through these things, how he proceeds in his successes, and in how he has to deal with his terrible sins and failures that take place in his life. There’s no candy coating on the life of David. It’s a life that should be familiar to us. It’s very much like our own in many ways, and yet, through it all he is a man after God’s own heart. And that’s not peculiar to David, that’s peculiar to all believers. We are people after God’s own heart. That is another way of saying we are made in His image and remade in conformity to Christ. We are after His heart.” - Pastor Tim Price

The life of David is well-known to anyone who has read the Old Testament, and is a story full of twists and turns, rises and falls, great feats of zeal for the Lord, and great sin and failure. Throughout his life, David walked in unwavering faith in His Lord and God, showing an example of Godly servant-leadership, and foreshadowing his great Descendant, who would die to take away his sin. In the circumstances of David’s life, and the journey that God took him on in order to prepare him for the place God had prepared for him, we can learn much about how to live our own lives more faithfully in God’s service, and how to seek His face when we fall. Set of 31 lectures.

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