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Isaiah Sermon Series Volume I - Crisis and the Messiah

Isaiah Sermon Series Volume I - Crisis and the Messiah
Isaiah Sermon Series Volume I - Crisis and the Messiah
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“There are a lot of people who look upon our world today and say that it’s worse than it’s ever been.... I’m going to tell you something: it was worse in Isaiah’s day. It was far worse in his day! …we’re on this side of the cross, and the Gospel has shot through history…. There’s nothing that God spoke to those people about in that time that doesn’t apply to us even more now. Why? Because we have more of a revelation of grace than they ever had! ...the daytime has dawned.” - Pastor Tim Price

It is easy to be discouraged when one takes a look at modern culture and all of its growing evil, from abortion and euthanasia, to homosexual marriage and government tyranny. If one takes a close look at Scripture, however, you will find that there have been many darker days in the history of Christ’s church. None were darker than the period of God’s judgment of the disobedient people of Israel and Judah before the Babylonian exile. This Bible study series by Pastor Tim Price explores Isaiah’s themes of divine judgment and dire societal distress in theology, history, and critiques of ancient and modern culture. This 55-sermon first volume of the Isaiah series covers the first eighteen chapters of Isaiah’s “vision.” Set of 5 MP3 CDs.

Series Topics Include:

Introduction to Isaiah, Pt 1-2
Perfect Purity in Worship
The Vindication of True Worship
God's Faithfulness to the Unfaithful
The Exalted Mountain
Cease Ye From Man
A Portrait of Desolation
The Fruit of Their Doings
Sons of God, Daughters of Men
The Daughters of Haughtiness
Christ, The Sprout
The Spirit of Judgment and Burning
The Shadow of the Almighty
The Song of the Vineyard
The Imperative of Contentment
The Imperative of Vigilance
The Willful Woes
High and Lifted Up
Saved Unto Good Works
Called Unto the Good Word
The True Tribulation
The Fear of God and Men
Promise and Sign
Covenant Incarnate
Deliverance From Israel
The Believer's Watchword
Bind Up the Testimony
Deepening the Antithesis
The Daystar Rises
Unto Us A Child
Name of Names
El Gibbor
Everlasting Father
The Government of Self
The Government on His Shoulders
His Hand Is Stretched Out Still
The Upper Will
The Pride and the Glory
The Nazarene
The End of All Enmity
The Second Exodus
Song of Thanksgiving
Salt and Light
Summary of Part One
The Shaking of the Earth
Where Worlds Collide
Babylon Is Fallen
Lucifer, Son of the Morning
By Myself I Have Sworn
The Waters of Nimrim
The Passage of the Lamb
Apostasy: Leaving and Cleaving
The Quiet Heaven

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