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History of the Reformation Complete Study Set

History of the Reformation Complete Study Set
History of the Reformation Complete Study Set
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History comes alive with vivid stories of men, women and children who lived their faith with intense fervor and commitment. Many died with the praise of our Lord being their last breath. The condition of the Church and persecution of God's elect should be a call to all the saints to make a concentrated effort to study the history and success of Christ's Church. This series is being used by many for family Bible study and by others as part of a homeschool class curriculum.

This is the complete study set for a 55 sermon series, including a set of 2 MP3 CDs, the question/answer study guide, and the primary reading resource, entitled "A Christian Survey of World History From Creation to the Reformation".

Click here to download a PDF of the first two lessons in the question/answer study guide!

For group/school quantity orders, please use the CONTACT US link to ask for pricing.

Topics in this series include:

The Impact of the Incarnation on the History of Mankind

Early Church History (2 sermons)

The City of God

Augustine (2 sermons)

Christianity and the British Isle

The History of the English Bible

The Danger of Medieval Scholasticism (2 sermons)

William Tyndale and His Bible

John Calvin and the Protestant Reformation

Henry VIII (2 sermons)

Martin Bucer

Bloody Mary

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation (5 sermons)

Elizabeth I (2 sermons)

James I - Pervert and Tyrant (2 sermons)

The Synod of Dort (2 sermons)

Charles I (5 sermons)

Oliver Cromwell (7 sermons)

The Restoration of Tyranny (2 sermons)

The Glorious Revolution - William and Mary (2 sermons)

The Scottish Covenanters (5 sermons)

The Westminster Divines (3 sermons)

The Westminster Standards (4 sermons)

The study guide includes questions and answers, as well as suggested reading and writing assignments. When used as part of a homeschool curriculum, the guide is designed for middle school - high school age students.

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