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Historical Theology CTS Module

Historical Theology CTS Module
Historical Theology CTS Module
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Christ Theological Seminary modules are complete seminary level courses taught by ministers and theologians of the RPCUS, offering laymen, ministerial students, and pastors access to quality Reformed teaching.

In this module, entitled Historical Theology, Joe Morecraft, III lectures on some of the most important periods of church history in the area of theology. From the early church fathers to the great theologians of the Reformation and afterwards, this course takes the listener on a journey through the Holy Spirit’s teaching work in Christ’s church over the centuries. Every Christian, whether layman or pastor, can learn much from these dense, information-packed lectures, which will broaden and enrich a person’s understanding of the revelation of God in the Scriptures.


27 Audio or Video lectures, plus bonus Audio lecture.


Topics include:

Early Church Councils; Heresies in the Early Church; Athanasius; Augustine; Columba; Anselm and The Atonement; Medieval Scholasticism; Roman Catholicism; Eastern Orthodoxy; Luther; Calvin; Viret; Knox; Bullinger; Covenant Theology; Reformed Scholasticism; English Puritanism; Scottish Presbyterianism; Synod of Dort; Effects of the Enlightenment; Sacramental Theology

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