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Genesis: Creation & Covenant Booklet PDF Download

Genesis: Creation & Covenant Booklet PDF Download
Genesis: Creation & Covenant Booklet PDF Download
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“Understanding the book of Genesis is basic to understanding everything else in the Bible! People are often confused as to where to start reading the Bible, and I always tell them to start where God started, in the book of Genesis, because everything that comes after the book of Genesis presupposes that you have some knowledge of what that book teaches and what took place in that book.” - Joe Morecraft, III

The book of Genesis contains the most foundational doctrines for understanding ourselves, the world we live in, and the gospel of Christ, as well as some of the most important historical accounts in all of Scripture. In this ninety-nine sermon series from 1990-92, Joe Morecraft preaches through the book of Genesis in a thorough and systematic fashion, addressing the theology, history, and life-wide implications of this key book.

This comprehensive set of sermon study notes will help the reader to build a Biblical worldview, beginning with the foundations laid in the Book of Genesis. 502 pages plus Introduction and Supplements. Unproofed and unedited.

Topics Include:

Genesis: Creation and Covenant
The Reality of Creation, Parts 1-2
The Creation of Man and Woman, Parts 1-2
Life in the Garden of Eden
The Covenant of Life, Parts 1-3
The Free Will of Man, Parts 1-3
The Reality of Sin, Parts 1-5
The Adamic Covenant: First Presentation of the Gospel in the Bible, Parts 1-2
The Adamic Covenant: Historical Outworking of Blessing and Curses
The Outworking of God's Blessings, Curses, and Christ's Victory, Parts 1-2
The Outcome of Adam's Life, Parts 1-2
The Outcome of Noah's Life, Parts 1-7
The Outcome of the Lives of Noah's Sons, Parts 1-2
The Outcome of Shem's Life
The Outcome of Terah's Life, Parts 1-29
The Outcome of Ishmael's and Isaac's Lives
The Outcome of Isaac's Life, Parts 2-19
The Outcome of Jacob's Life, Parts 1-19
Gospel of the Toledoths: Christ in Genesis

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