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Exodus Series

Exodus Series
Exodus Series
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Exodus details the redemption of God's covenant people. In this thirty-one lecture Bible study series from 1987-88, Joe Morecraft addresses the fulfillment of God's covenant promise, the preparation and call to leadership of Moses, the accomplishment of redemption, the Mosaic Covenant, the Ten Commandments, and the Tabernacle. Available in Audio CD and MP3 CD sets.

This is the fifteenth finished product to come out of our Publishing Project!

Topics Include:

An Introduction to Exodus, Pt 1-2
The Fulfillment of Covenant Promise
The Preparation of a Leader, Pt 1-2
The Call to Leadership, Pt 1-2
Jehovah vs. the Gods of Egypt, Pt 1-2
Redemption Accomplished: Phase One - The Passover
Redemption Accomplished: Phase Two - The Exodus, Pt 1-2
The Tests of God, Pt 2
Gods Covenant with Moses: An Overview of Exodus
The Fundamentals of the Mosaic Covenant
The Ten Commandments, Pt 1-3
The Abiding Authority of the Old Testament Case Laws, Pt 1-2
Indentured Servanthood
The Biblical Approach to Polygamy and Capital Punishment
Case Laws Applying the 7th and 8th Commandments
Case Laws Applying the 8th and 9th Commandments
Case Laws Applying the 10th Commandment; Principles of Conquest
The Ratification of the Covenant
The Introduction of Exodus 25-40: Typology of the Tabernacle
An Introduction to the Tabernacle
The Structure and Furniture of the Tabernacle, Pt 1-2
The Priests of the Tabernacle

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