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Esther Series

Esther Series
Esther Series
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“On the one hand, the book of Esther is about autonomy, it’s about people not referencing God, doing things with their own inventions and devices, but it is also about how, even so, God still uses this for the good of His people! His providence is here. It is hidden within the book, but it is for His own purposes, not necessarily theirs. It also is a book about free will, it’s about how men have their intentions and go about doing their intentions, and even at those times when their intentions actually work for the things they intend, God’s intentions are the ones that override that, and cause His providences to march on just fine! Even when man gets his way, God’s still in control. He’s still watching over His people.” — Pastor Tim Price

Esther has long been a controversial book of the Bible, whether the dispute is over its place as canon Scripture, or over its characters and their sometimes-questionable actions. Set after the return of a Jewish remnant to Judah, the book of Esther tells a very different story about Esther, Mordecai, and the other Jews who remained among the pagan Persians, and their plots and schemes that God ultimately used to protect His people from annihilation.

In this 9-lecture Bible study series, Pastor Tim Price teaches verse-by-verse through this unique book, bringing out its place in the Bible and history, and its lessons for God’s people in all ages. All through the schemes of pagan leaders and their unjust political systems, the jealousy and hatred of God’s people by wicked men, and the twists and turns of a Jewish girl’s rise to royalty and influence, God’s sovereign care and protection of His elect people shines forth!

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