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Deuteronomy Sermon Series

Deuteronomy Sermon Series
Deuteronomy Sermon Series
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from the Deuteronomy series!

"The book of Deuteronomy offers those who are faithful to God's covenant through faith in Christ and obedience to His law the possibility of long-term cultural success and conquest and economic prosperity down through our generations... What's the implication of Deuteronomy? Christian reconstruction! ...if Deuteronomy is true, the implication is that you and I are to seek to reconstruct the culture in which we live by faith in God's promises and obedience to God's law, and if we do that, we can expect to take the culture back!" - Joe Morecraft, III

The book of Deuteronomy is often ignored or disregarded by Christians today, mostly because they do not want to face the far-reaching implications of its laws. What most Christians don't understand or realize about Deuteronomy is that it is an incredibly practical book that equips believers for living a faithful Christian life, as well as a book that is central to understanding the Gospel in the context of God's covenant of love fulfilled in Christ.

In this forty-nine-sermon series from 2007-2008, Joe Morecraft explores the lessons and applications of Deuteronomy for every area of Christian life and society, teaches us how we should express and apply our love for God and man in our daily lives, and shows how God uses His Gospel to motivate His people to obey His law. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.

This is the eighteenth finished product to come out of our Publishing Project!

Topics Include:

An Introduction to Deuteronomy
A Concise History of God's Providence with Israel, Pt 1-3
The Importance of the Fear of God to Civilization
A Call to Obedience, Pt 1-2
God's Total Claim on Us
God's Total Claim Demands Total Obedience
God's Total Claim and Christian Education
A Christian Approach to Education, Pt 1-2
How to Maintain the Antithesis, Pt 1-2
God's Sufficiency Versus Self-Sufficiency
Covenantal Salvation: By Grace Not By Works
The Demands of Grace
True Obedience: Its Interrelations, Reasons, and Gracious Rewards
The True Worship of the Lord
How God Wants Us to Worship Him
The Consequences of Idolatry
The Dietary Laws
Holiness and Tithing
Debt Free Living
The Celebration of Salvation in Christ
Judges: Champions of God's Law or Hatchetmen
Prophets, Priests, and Kings
Capital Punishment
A Godly Military
The Authority of the Family
The Sanctity of Life
The Holiness of the Lord's Assembly
Laws on Divorce
Laws on Life, Liberty, Justice, and Charity
The Preservation of Human Dignity
Money and Terrorism
A Reaffirmation of the Covenant
Christians: Law and Grace People
Magnificent Blessings and Curses, Pt 1-2
The Oath of the Covenant
The Restoration of Israel
God's Call to Choose Life
God's Provision for the Future
Ancient Israel's National Anthem, Pt 1-3
God Plans our Future
Jesus as Dying Moses and Rising Joshua

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