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Daniel Series MP3 Download

Daniel Series MP3 Download
Daniel Series MP3 Download
Price: $8.00

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from the Daniel series!

"If any of you have come from a dispensational premillenial background, or have had any kind of close familiarity with it at any point in your life, then you’re going to know that eschatology in that background has a tendency to be so disconnected from all of the rest of the doctrines of Scripture ... (that) you’re going to have a tendency to look at your eschatology as something that’s rather irrelevant. ...But a true eschatology should be an eschatology that is so interconnected with all of the doctrines of grace, and is so interconnected with the whole counsel of Scripture that it becomes a part of your thinking, and a part of your life, and it has a great impact on the way you see life. It’s going to do what all other doctrines are meant to do, and that’s to build up your faith in order that you might be a more relevant person in God’s kingdom."- Pastor Tim Price

In this 20-lecture series, Pastor Tim Price teaches through the book of Daniel, which is considered by dispensationalists in recent times to hold many complicated references to “the coming rapture” and the end of the world. The truth about this book is much more interesting and relevant to the Christian’s life. Daniel is an in-depth look at Christ and the future of His kingdom on earth, as well as the historical and theological concepts that led all the way to His incarnation! Listeners will be amazed at the far-reaching and detailed prophecies of real-life future events, and be encouraged and equipped to “fight the good fight of faith” in our modern, statist culture.


Introduction Part 1: The Form of the Book
Introduction Part 2: The Local Color
Chapter 1: The Feast of State
Chapter 2: Wisdom and Might
Chapter 3: Basic Composition of Statism
Chapter 4: The Mind of a Man
Chapter 5: The First Transfer of Hands
Chapter 6: The End Thereof is the Way of Death
Chapter 7: The Beast and the Man, Parts 1 & 2
Chapter 8: The Commencement of the War, Parts 1 & 2
Chapter 9: The End of the Judgment, Parts 1 & 2
Chapter 10: The Defeat of the Higher Powers
Chapter 11: The Roadsigns to Christ, Parts 1 & 2
Chapter 12: The Link to the New Age, Parts 1-3 & Conclusion

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