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Covenants of Promise Sermon Series

Covenants of Promise Sermon Series
Covenants of Promise Sermon Series
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from the Covenants of Promise series!

“This doctrine is so important that it influences the way you will read every book, from Genesis to Revelation. It will determine the way you interpret the meaning of the person of Christ, the purpose of the work of Christ, and the very nature of His work. Virtually every doctrine that we hold is influenced by what we believe concerning the subject of the Covenant of Grace.” - Joe Morecraft, III

In this 36-sermon series from 1983, Joe Morecraft examines the Reformed doctrine of the Covenant, which is incredibly important to understand, as it affects your entire outlook on everything from the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, to Christ’s saving work on the cross. Understanding this key doctrine also helps you to avoid common theological errors, and reveals the common thread that binds the Scriptures together. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.

This is the third sermon series to come out of our Publishing Project!

Testimonial from a listener:

Art Sisneros - This series had a profound impact on my understanding of the depth and beauty of the various covenants of scripture. Pastor Morecraft does an excellent job setting forth the details of each of the covenants, but he doesn't stop there. He also continually points us to the greater meaning and purpose of them. I had never before considered the unique relationship between each of the covenants until this series. It has deepened my understanding and love for Christ when I discovered that the covenants build upon one another with a culmination in the person of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for this series and would highly recommend all Christians to receive and meditate upon it.

Series Topics:

The Covenants of Promise, Parts 1-3
The Covenants of Grace
The Covenant of Works
The Adamic Covenant Parts 1-2
The Noahic Covenant, Parts 1-2
The Abrahamic Covenant, Parts 1-7
The Mosaic Covenant
The Context of the Mosaic Covenant
The Parties of the Mosaic Covenant
The Content of the Mosaic Covenant: Atonement
The Content of the Mosaic Covenant: Theocracy
The Content of the Mosaic Covenant: Tabernacle
The Mosaic Covenant in the New Covenant
The Context of the Davidic Covenant
The Promises of the Davidic Covenant, Parts 1-2
The Influence of the Davidic Covenant on the Old Testament
The Lord Jesus Christ and the Davidic Covenant
The Glory of the New Covenant
Continuities of O.T. Covenants in the New Covenant
The Promises of the O.T. Covenants in the N.T.
The Promises of the New Covenant
The Difference between the N.T. and O.T.
Jesus Christ and the New Covenant, Parts 1-2
Recapitulation of the Covenant Promises

For a further detailed examination of the Covenants of Promise, please check Joe Morecraft's series entitled "The Covenant of God" (WS143-WS182), part of the larger Westminster Larger Catechism series on SermonAudio.

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