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Christian Ethics CTS Module

Christian Ethics CTS Module
Christian Ethics CTS Module
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Christ Theological Seminary modules are complete seminary level courses taught by ministers and theologians of the RPCUS, offering laymen, ministerial students, and pastors access to quality Reformed teaching.

In this module, entitled Christian Ethics, Pastor Chris Strevel explores the subject of ethics and morality in detail. Pastor Strevel starts this information-packed lecture series with a general survey of ethical systems and the Christian view of ethics, and continues through a detailed exposition of Biblical ethics in the Law of God and the Word Himself, Jesus Christ. 28 Audio or Video Lectures.

Topics Include:

Back to Barbarism - The Consequences of Unbelieving Ethics
The Foundations of Christian Ethics
The Systems of Ethics - World Religions, Secular and Evangelical
Christian Theistic Ethics
Perspectives of Christian Ethics, Pt 1-2
The Goal of Christian Ethics: The Summum Bonum
The Standard of Christian Ethics - The Law of God, Pt 1-2
Jesus and the Law - Matthew 5:17-20, Pt 1-2
Law and Grace
10 Commandments Introduction - The First Commandment: Ethics and the One True God
The Second Commandment - Ethics and Worship
The Third Commandment - Ethics and God’s Name
The Fourth Commandment - Ethics and Sabbath
The Fifth Commandment - Ethics and Authority
The Sixth Commandment - Ethics and Life
The Seventh Commandment - Ethics and Sexuality, Pt 1-2
The Eighth Commandment - Ethics and Property
The Ninth Commandment - Ethics and Truth
The Tenth Commandment - Ethics and Contentment
Jesus Christ: The Unique Exemplar of Christian Ethics
Jesus Christ: The Ultimate Motivation of Christian Ethics
Jesus Christ: The Unconquerable Power of Christian Ethics
The Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics

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