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American History Lectures

American History Lectures
American History Lectures
Price: $6.00

Was our nation founded on Biblical principles? If so, what were those principles?  This book by Joe Morecraft will give you the truth of our history. Approximately 210 pgs.


Topics include:

The Reformation in America:  the Pilgrims and Puritans

The Reformation in America:  The French Hugenots and Scotch-Irish

The Impact of the Scotch-Irish on the Character and Institutions of America

The American Mind in 1776

A Recommended Bibliography on the American Mind of 1776

Fairfax County Resolves

The Declaration of Independence

The Religious Roots of the U.S. Constitution

Presbyteriansim:  The Model and Motive for the U.S. Constitution

The Two Hundreth Anniversary of the Bill of Rights

Natural Law or Biblical Law?

The Maddest, Most Infamous Revolution in History

How God Saved the Old South From Unitarianism

The Myth of Religious Neutrality

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