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2 Corinthians Sermon Series Morecraft

2 Corinthians Sermon Series Morecraft
2 Corinthians Sermon Series Morecraft
Price: $20.00

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from the II Corinthians series!

“In 2nd Corinthians, we see Paul expressing his gratitude to God for the news that Titus brought him of the success of 1st Corinthians. 1st Corinthians he jumped on them for everything from having schism in the church and divisions and party rivalry, to condoning immorality, to getting drunk at the Lord’s supper, to all kinds of things... He’s praising God about the news that Titus brought him that the first letter led them (as the second chapter of 2nd Corinthians says) to ‘godly sorrow that leads to genuine repentance.’ That God so used Paul’s Holy-Spirit-inspired letter of 1st Corinthians to move and shake the pride and the arrogance of the heart of this group of people in the church of Corinth that it led them to real repentance...”

“..Notice what the focus is, which is like the focus of all of Paul’s books... The focus isn’t on man, the focus isn’t on man’s problems, the focus isn’t on man’s decisions, or man’s abilities. Paul’s telling us that the focus of everything he writes along with every other book of the Bible is God in Christ, that’s the theme! The theme of the Bible, just like the theme of the book of 2nd Corinthians, is not covenant, it’s not church, it’s not predestination, it’s not law, it’s not Christian reconstruction, it’s not any of those things. It’s God in Christ, the Focal Point of it all.”— Joe Morecraft, III

Through this 37-sermon series from 1989-90, Joe Morecraft, III explores the rich and diverse truths of II Corinthians and their practical application to our lives and our churches. Set of 2 MP3 CDs.

This is the twenty-second finished product to come out of our Publishing Project!

Topics Include:

The God of All Comfort
The Formation of Christian Character by the Constancy of Christ & Work of the Holy Spirit, Pt 1-2
The Fragrance of Christ
The Fading Glory and the Surpassing Glory, a Contrast in Covenants, Pt 1-2
The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ
Treasure in Earthen Vessels
An Eternal Weight of Glory, Pt 1-3
The Love of Christ
The New Creation
The Ministry of Reconciliation
The Life and Character of Christ's Ambassadors, Pt 1-3
The Antithesis of Light and Darkness, Pt 1-3
Comfort and Repentance
The Nature of Repentance
Our Riches in Christ and Christian Generosity
God's Indescribable Gift
The Victory Orientation of Christianity
Boasting in the Lord
Christian Virgins and Angels of Light, Pt 1-4
The All-Sufficient Grace of Christ, Pt 1-2
Spending and Being Spent for Christ
Church Life and Church Discipline
The God of Grace in the Life of the Christian, Pt 1-2

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