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2 Corinthians Sermon Series MP3 Download

2 Corinthians Sermon Series MP3 Download
2 Corinthians Sermon Series MP3 Download
Price: $15.00

Click the play button to listen to a clip from the 2nd Corinthians series!

“There are extremely high and heavenly and mysterious things in this book, but those things are brought squarely down to earth in order that we may have them applicable to us to live. What we want to do is to explore these things in order that we may know better how to be disciples of Jesus Christ, because one of the great points of this book is what it means to be a follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ. As we proceed through this book, we want to see how it is that heaven comes down to earth.” - Pastor Tim Price

Confusion is rampant in the church today about the Christian life, and how a believer’s walk should look compared to the world. Some try to live a self-sufficient “lone-ranger” life, only needing “Jesus and the Bible” to make it through affliction and hard times. The Bible has something else to say about the way a Christian should walk, showing us a living Example to follow in Christ, and a God-given haven of rest and strength in unity with the brethren in the Church.

In this 40-sermon series on 2nd Corinthians by Pastor Tim Price, the listener will discover Christ’s path of humility and exaltation, and the necessity of unity and peace with fellow believers in the church. The believer is not meant to be alone. The necessary strength to endure affliction and overcome sin can only be found in union with the body of Christ. Deep wells of consolation and heavenly, yet practical truths for the Christian life lie within this letter to a struggling church!

General Introduction to 2 Corinthians
Specific Introduction to 2 Corinthians
Every Word Established
God of All Comfort
The Procession of Consolation
In the Day of the Lord Jesus
The Promises Are Yes
The Fellowship of Rejoicing
The Danger of an Unforgiving Spirit
The Aroma of Ministry
You Are Our Letter
No Confidence in Princes
With Unveiled Faces
For We Shall Reap
That Which is Revealed
Jesus’ Death and Life in Our Flesh
The Exchanged Life
The Weight of Glory
The Righteous Made Perfect
Before the Judgment Seat
The Love of Christ Constrains Us
Reflections on the Upper Room
The Ministry of Reconciliation
No Cause For Stumbling
Striving for Purity and Peace
A Peculiar People
The True Face of Repentance
From Comfort to Service
The Complete Work of Giving
Christ Directed Zeal
The Cheerful Giver
Every Thought Captive
He Whom the Lord Commends
The Nonsense of Paul, Pts 1&2
The Angel of Light
Content With Weaknesses
Perseverance, Proof of Devotion
The Discipline of the Cross
Nothing Against the Truth

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