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1 Corinthians Sermon Series

1 Corinthians Sermon Series
1 Corinthians Sermon Series
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from the I Corinthians series!

“...if a nation is to survive, if a whole nation is to experience Christian reconstruction and reformation, then it all has to start with the revival of the church of God! Everything hinges upon that. …I Corinthians is concerned with the reformation and revival of the local assembly of believing families. Every issue, every confrontation, every conflict, disagreement, problem, challenge, that the church in America …is facing now was specifically faced and dealt with by Paul in his letter to the church at Corinth.” — Joe Morecraft, III

The church of Christ is facing rampant immorality, disunity between brethren, abuse at all levels of the church, confusion about gender roles in the church and family, and many other problems both within and without the body of Christ. The truth is that these problems have been faced by the church since the beginning, and there are answers!

In the book of I Corinthians, the Apostle Paul deals with all of these problems and more, showing both Corinth in their day, and the modern church in ours the way to revival and reformation. Through this 66-sermon series, Joe Morecraft, III explores the rich and diverse truths of I Corinthians and their practical application to our lives and our churches.

This is the twenty-first finished product to come out of our Publishing Project!

Topics Include:

The Church in the Modern World, Pt 1-4
The Wisdom of Man vs. the Foolishness of God, Pt 1-2
The Foolish Choice of God
Preaching Christ in the Power of the Spirit, Pt 1-3
The Thoughts and Words of God
Knowing the Mind of God
When Christians Act Like Contrary Babies, Pt 1-2
Foundations for Life
The Inheritance of Christ's Fools
The Final Judgment of Christ
The Imitation of Christ, Pt 1-3
The Purity of the Church
Taking People to Court
Such Were Some of You
Christian Liberty and Sexual Purity
Christian Marriage, Pt 1-2
Separation and Divorce
What Is Your Calling?
Knowledge and Liberty
Compelled to Preach the Gospel, Pt 1-2
Doing Everything for the Sake of the Gospel
Running to Win
The Damnable Sin of Presumption
How to Cope with Trials and Temptations
Communion, Demons, and God's Jealousy
Communion in the Body and Blood of Jesus, Pt 1-2
Doing Everything to the Glory of God, Pt 1-4
Woman, The Glory of Man and Person of Authority
Division in the Church and The Lord's Supper
The Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ
The Holy Spirit, Body of Christ, and Spiritual Gifts
The Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pt 1-3
Love, Pt 1-5
Human Components of Edification: Intelligence and Order
Edification and Prophecy
The Gospel, Christ's Resurrection, and the Grace of God
The Resurrection of Christ, Pt 1-8
Life in the Early Church

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