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1989 Issue 5

No doubt everyone who reads extensively in theology and church history will eventually settle on certain favorite theologians, and conclude that certain ones are, by virtue of their soundness and obvious contribution, the greatest and the best. My own favorites, among the hundreds of excellent Christian writers in the English language down through the ages, are Benjamin B. Warfield (1851-1921), Robert L. Dabney {1820-1898), and John Murray (1898-1975). So great is my admiration for B.B. Warfield that I named my only son after him.

The third thing I propose to consider, is the manner in which the Holy Ghost works on the hearts of those who are saved.

I approach this branch of my subject with much diffidence. I am very sensible that it is surrounded with difficulties, and involves many of the deepest things of God. But it is folly for mortal man to turn away from any truth in Christianity, merely because of difficulties. Better a thousand times receive with meekness what we cannot fully explain, and believe that what we know not now, we shall know hereafter. "Enough for us," says an old divine, "if we sit in God's court, without pretending to be of God's counsel."

Democratic Congressman George "Buddy" Darden of Georgia's seventh congressional district may choose to move to Bartow County following the upcoming 1990 census redistricting. Cobb County, where the venerable lower magistrate lives, is likely to become a Republican district of its own because of increased population. Or the rumors may be true, that Darden is considering changing parties. He has generally voted in favor of gun owners and the Contras, but he may have to "moderate" his positions on those issues to be part of the Republican Party of Georgia.

John Calvin - "Should we impose Christian values?" - translated by Donald D. Crowe.

According to an author writing in a recent issue of The Nation, magazine, "The religious Left is the only Left we've got."

An overstatement? Perhaps. However, it points to an interesting fact, namely that while the opposition to free markets and less government control has declined in recent years among the "secular left," the political-economic views of the "Christian left" seem to remain stubbornly unchanged.

Cholesterol has become a four-letter word in our society today. Blood cholesterol level is the topic of social conversation, magazine articles, the headline report of radio and TV news, and a means of attracting customers into stores via advertisements for blood tests. To those of us who suffer from high levels of cholesterol, it has become public enemy number one. I have had personal battle with this enemy for 25 years. Cholesterol has won two victories--in 1975 by capturing my gall bladder and in 1986 by blocking six cardiac arteries. I am still fighting to win the war by the grace of God.

Many people have assumed that, in the final analysis, the number of those eternally condemned for their sins will be vastly greater than the number of the redeemed. One of America's greatest theologians considers the question.