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1990 Issue 7

Fathers and brothers, the humbling circumstances of addressing this body is intensified by the fact that I have chosen as a text and point of emphasis that which is part and parcel of your reason for existence as an ecclesiastical body. It may appear foolish on my part to attempt to speak on that which is so obvious within a reformed and Bible-believing fellowship. Yet it is just here that the modern church so fails--even conservative churches who start out well. Therefore, I undertake this task more by way of exhortation than exposition.

My text for exposition and application is the first half of verse 20 of Matthew 28: "Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you." I want to focus on the "AWE" of the "ALL." The awe of that all is sadly missing in much of Christendom today. From liberal ecumenical movements to fundamentalists stressing experience over doctrine, zeal for the whole counsel of God is either criticized or ignored.

"Perhaps the most successful and stimulating Atlanta Christian Training Seminar to date." This was a familiar comment expressed by many who attended The Christian Vision of Victory Seminar held June 8th-10th at Chalcedon Presbyterian Church. Twelve top-notch speakers and advocates in the Christian Reconstruction movement spoke on 15 different topics preparing the people of God with a vision for victory in the future based upon the Word of God. The three-day seminar concluded on the Lord's day, June lOth, a day which was filled with teaching, preaching, intercessory prayer and praise, as over 400 people from all over the United States, Canada and South America united to worship the Living God.

One week ago today we left Atlanta for South Africa-what a full week it has been. Compared to so many days in my past which I have squandered in self-interest, this week, spent with so many who are living out their faith consistently, has humbled me. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for bringing me here-thank you for the friends whose generosity made it possible for me to come, for those here in South Africa who welcome our ministry and receive us as family, for three children who are good and trustworthy and who pray for us, for those who are "stoking the home fires" and praying faithfully.

Recently there have been various books, articles, etc., coming from Christian writers, which. claim that birth control, under practically all conditions, is a sinful practice. It should never be engaged in by born again Christians. Is this true? Does Scripture really maintain such a position? Emphatically NO!

The Bible teaches that there is a proper place for family planning. This is taught in Proverbs 24:27, where we read, "Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field; And afterward build your house." Louis Goldberg points out that in Scripture the "house" frequently refers to the family (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament), Vol. I, p. 105; cf. Gen. 18:19; 35:2; 46:27; Ex. 16:31; Josh. 24:15: 2 Sam. 7:11). Thus, by implication we learn that family planning, under certain conditions, is a biblical mandate.

With such emphasis on the inescapable guilt of those who misuse the name of God, It is clear that the Lord's name is inestimably precious and must be regarded to be so by all His creatures at all times and in all circumstances. The indication of this commandment is that its breach is a sin above all sins deserving of God's wrath to a degree not measured out for other transgressions of His law.

All who are in the business of making things have their particular trademark by which a manufactured item is identified as the work of this or that producer. That concept is derived from God who created all things. The Creator's mark is on everything in His creation and, to paraphrase Cornelius Van Til, even the fastest traveller through God's estate cannot mistake the signs of His ownership. The earthly manufacturer's mark can be a reflection of his name, but the Creator's mark speaks unquestionably of His name which means that everything bears witness to His name.

Messiah. the Prince, by William Symington. Still Waters Revival Books 12810-126 St. Edmonton, AB Canada T5L-OYL, 1990 $24.95 (USA) $29.95 (Canada). Reviewed by Byron Snapp.

"I personally am opposed to abortion. But I am not going to use my office to superimpose my personal position on other people's decisions. I am going to listen carefully to both sides each time I am required to vote." ("Warner Kicks Off Campaign," Roanoke Times & World News, Feb. 6, 1990)

One of the signs of a healthy person is an appetite. I remember so very well my last hospitalization for open heart surgery and how I lost my appetite. We might say that that is normal, but to lose one's appetite is only normal if there is some way one can account for it. Certainly it is not normal to remain indefinitely without an appetite. I was glad when my appetite returned and I began to enjoy food again. Have you ever thought of how much of our enjoyment in life is related to food and fellowship. God set feast days in the Old Testament calendar so that people could enjoy going to Jerusalem to celebrate and worship.