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1991 Issue 3

Two revealed truths compel us to evaluate the Persian Gulf War from the perspective of the Bible and then to publish that evaluation:

1. When Jesus gave the Church "the keys of the kingdom." (Mat. 16:19), He gave her the authority and the responsibility to apply the Word of God to the whole range of decisions and issues individuals and nations have to face in this world. "To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn," Isaiah 8:20.

2. The Bible, as the infallible and written revelation from God, is authoritative in everything about which it speaks, and it speaks about everything. "Therefore I esteem right all Thy precepts concerning everything...• " Psa. 119:128.

American Christians MUST learn to think and act biblically, as over against humanistically, emotionally, or pragmatically about everything, especially as we enter the 1990's, the last decade of the bloody Twentieth Century. "The decade of the 1990's is shaping up as one of the most dangerous in all of world history - one characterized by evil, duplicity, deception, and betrayal." - McAlvany Intelligence Adviser.

U.S. President George Bush began and ended his state of the union address in January, 1991 with references to "the new world order." On September 11, 1990 he did the same thing in another speech giving the reasons he sent American troops to Saudi Arabia against Iraq. In that speech he said: "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective, - a new world order - can emerge.... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders."

John Calvin was a covenant theologian. He did not fully develop the discipline, but he pointed the way for its further refinement and expansion. P.A. Lillback acknowledges that covenantal thinking existed in the church prior to Calvin, but he is to be considered, "the forerunner of Reformed federal [i.e., covenant] theology" (New Dictionary Of Theology, edited by Sinclair Ferguson, David Wright, and J.I. Packer ,p.175). Carl Bogue agrees when he writes that although covenant theology is not the sole "organizing principle" in the Reformer's theology, nevertheless, "the essentials are definitely present" (The Genesis Covenants, p. 3).

This commandment's emphasis is on the lawful possession of private property. The Almighty Creator-God holds the title deed to the earth. Truly, "the earth is the LORD'S" (Psalm 24:1) and it is governed by Him in terms of His plan. His providence, and His law-word. As God's viceregent (appointed authority), man has to administer the earth by exercising righteous dominion over it in fulfillment of the cultural mandate of Genesis 1:28 oft-quoted in this series. To do this it is necessary for man to possess property in God-given temporal ownership.

The Elder & His Work by David Dickson - Presbyterian Heritage Publications PO Box 1809222 Dallas, Tx 75218 - 85pp. with Scripture index, $6.95.

Pastors, here is a book that should be of great of great use for your elders as well as those who may become elders. We have come to expect quality publications from this publisher and that quality continues with this publication.

The author, not to be confused with the David Dickson who authored the Commentary on Psalms, was a ruling elder in Scotland. He had a great passion for serving God in his calling as a ruling elder. This passion clearly shows through on every page of this well-written, compact book.

In late October of 1990, coming out of a White House meeting with President Bush and some of his top aides, you would have thought that Dr. Robert P. Dugan, Jr., Director of the National Association Evangelicals (NAB), was in the driver's seat. Said a confident Dr. Dugan to the assembled press microphones and cameras, regarding the President:

"I feel optimistic. But, we'll hold his feet to the fire, especially in terms of this draft document we've submitted to him." He said he hoped the Bush Administration would find a way to express itself afresh concerning "traditional family values."