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1996 Issue 10

"Theonomy' is a four-letter word to many Reformed Christians. Ask them why, and you will get a variety of answers. Often, theology and exegesis are not the cause of the disdain. Personalities are. Somewhere along the line, a professing theonomist has wrinkled their feathers. Animosity has developed. It becomes us against them. The non-theonomist is now in a position to avoid all future argumentation about the biblical texts. He can fall back on those convenient ad hominem arguments which, although they provide no biblical or logical refutation of the position, are certainly effective for those who know little if anything about theonomy and its advocates.

We know more about Peter than we do any of the other of the . original Twelve Apostles. He ran a successful fishing business with his brother. They lived first in Bethsaida and then in Capernaum. His original name was Simon ben Jonas, but Jesus re-named him, Peter, meaning rock. Peter had a struggle with being steadfast and stable in his faith in Christ. He would sometimes sway from one position to its opposite. "He turned from trust to doubt, Mt. 14:28, 30; from open profession of Jesus as the Christ, to rebuking that very Christ, Mt. 16:16, 22; from a vehement declaration of loyalty to base denial, Mat. 26:33-35, 69-75; from 'by no means shalt thou wash my feet ever,' to 'not my feet only but also my hands and head,' Jn. 13:8, 9, - Nevertheless, by the grace and power of the Lord this changeable Simon was transformed into a true Peter." - Hendriksen. Besides writing I and II Peter, he was probably Mark's source of information for his Gospel; hence the reason for the early church referring to Mark as "Peter's interpreter."

Rev. John Otis' new series, Defending Calvinism (1996).

John Otis' new series, Defending Calvinism, is an edifying and useful tool for Reformed Christians seeking to defend the historic, biblical Christianity summarized in the Five Points of Calvinism. The first of six books is currently available. It is entitled, God's Sovereignty: Who's In Control - God or Man? Rev. Otis' stated purpose for the series is to provide a working method by which the reader can effectively argue the truths of Calvinism against those who challenge them. (p. 1) As it is the duty of every child of God to defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and Arminianism continues to weaken the visible catholic Church at a critical time in world history, Rev. Otis series is timely and appreciated.

Reader, how shall we ever find a place in heaven, if we die unholy! Death works no change. The grave makes no alteration. Each will rise again with the same character in which he breathed his last breath. Where will our place be if we are strangers to holiness now!

Suppose for a moment that you were allowed to enter heaven without holiness. What would you do! What possible enjoyment could you feel there? To which of all the saints would you join yourself, and by whose side would you sit down! Their pleasures are not your pleasures, their tastes not your tastes, their character not your character. How could you possibly be happy, if you had not been holy on earth!