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2000 Issue 6

Faith is a confident assurance of the truth of God's Word and a Spirit-produced obedience thereto that overcomes the sufferings associated with living faithfully to Jesus Christ in this world. Faith perseveres. It does not draw back in the hour of trial; it demonstrates its divine origin by clinging to God's promises and enduring hardship like a good soldier of Jesus Christ. This is the main lesson that our author teaches, and it is illustrated in the lives of each of the saints here mentioned. Throughout these lessons on Hebrews 11, I have three primary goals. (1) To help you understand the plain meaning of the text. There are many statements in this chapter that shed light on the historical accounts of God's people in the Old Testament. (2) To reveal the fruit that is always produced by persevering, obedient faith. (3) To challenge you to follow in the faith footsteps of this great cloud of witnesses. These accounts are primarily given to show God's people of all ages the quality of life that God expects and produces in the lives of all those whom he draws to himself through the gospel, and calls to defend his name in this world.

Dabney wrote much and well on the subject of education and was one of the most ardent enemies of public, state-supported, compulsory education in America. He continually emphasized three points on this subject: (1). Education must be Christian education, founded on Christ and the Bible, if it is to be good education; (2). State-supported education will prove to be anti-Christian in its effects; and (3). parents are responsible for the education of their children, not the state.

One of the complaints made by many contemporary Christian fathers is that their fathers were not good role models. Examples are valuable. Jay Adams acknowledges that we are deeply influenced both by nature. and nurture. R.L Dabney stated, "When a man and a women have a child, they have kindled a spark that can never be put out. That child, blessed or cursed, will exist forever and ever...And further, God...has made the world in such a way that parents have a tremendous influence over the direction their children take - either for good or evil." Boys should learn from their fathers how to be men, husbands, and fathers. "Like father like son" is not a meaningless cliche.