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Sermons of Benjamin Palmer: Communion of the Blood of Christ

The point of my sermon today is to explain and apply the nature of that communion Christians enjoy with Christ in the Lord's Supper. Most certainly we gain little, and lose much, by closing our eyes to this high mystery of communion with our Lord, by eating and drinking, wherein we are made partakers of His body and blood.

In the supper, we hold special communion with Christ in each of His offices, as He is the King, the Priest and the Prophet of His Church. It is not, of course, intimated that every act of worship does not include these three offices so essential to the Mediator's work. They are also related as to be inseparable, and the mention of one necessarily involves the others. For example, the truth which the Prophet discloses is that which the Priest has wrought out and constituted such, - either directly lying in the work of redemption which He accomplished, or as being antecedently so necessary thereto as to be of necessity unfolded.