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Book Reviews: The Sinfulness of Sin, The Turnabout Years

The Sinfulness of Sin by Edward Reynolds, Soli Deo Gloria Publications 213 W. Vincent St. Ligonia, PA, 15658 475pp. hb.

This reprint of Vol. 1 of the 1826 edition of Reynold's works is much needed in our day. With much insight and great detail the author opens up sin's sinfulness by exploring the creature's vanity as he expounds Ecclesiastes 1:14. He then clearly shows the sinfulness of sin using Romans 7:9 as a text. The first two sections make the reader ready for the third and final section which centers on the excellency of Christ based on I John 5:12.

The Turnabout Years: America's Cultural Life, 1900-1950 by John Chamberlain Jameson Books, Inc. P.O Box 738 Ottawa, Ill. 254 pp. inc. index $12.95. pb.

This book is a compilation of fifty-four reviews published in the Freeman (which the author helped start) in the early 50's. They have been brought together into this book because of their great relevancy for today. The reader can herein find Mr. Chamberlain's remarks about a host of individuals including John Dos Passos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Whittaker Chambers, Joseph McCarthy and James Michener just to mention a few. As he reviews books written by or about those mentioned above, the author applies, from a libertarian perspective, his comments to current trends within society. Many of these remarks remind the reader of the threat of Communism that existed forty years ago and many believe is still a threat today.