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His Story - God's Providence, The Importance of History

As we engage in the battle for freedom and reformation in our generation, we must keep in mind that central and indeed, indispensable to freedom is Biblical Christianity. There has never been and will never be, true freedom apart from the one true religion. Only as the Son of God makes us free, are we free in any true sense of the word (John 8:32-36).

The Bible teaches us that man since the Fall is not naturally "free" but enslaved to sin and Satan (Rom. 6:16-17). This spiritual bondage unless broken by God's grace, will always result in political bondage. A people convinced in the Bible's teachings however, are almost impossible to enslave. Thus, political revolutionaries have always targeted Christians and Christianity for destruction in the first stages of their revolutions. This has been the case in every atheistic revolution of this century (Russia, China, Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc., etc.).