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Book Review: Jesus, The Myths of A.N. Wilson

A Critique of A.N. Wilson's book, Jesus.

I have been thinking a great deal recently on the issue of CERTAINTY OF KNOWLEDGE. How can we be sure that our religious beliefs are true? How can we be certain that the gospel events actually happened? How can we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that Jesus is everything the Bible claims He is?

These concerns have been on my mind because of two things: (1). my careful study of the preface to Luke's gospel in Luke 1:1-4; and (2). my reading of A.N. Wilson's newly published book, Jesus, published in 1992 by W.W. Norton & Company, New York. It could be on its way of being a best-seller. There were at least twenty copies in the secular bookstore, (Bookstar), where I purchased my copy.