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Book Review: The Evil of Evils

The Evil of Evils or The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin by Jeremiah Burroughs Soli Deo Gloria 213 W. Vincent St. Ligonier, Pa. 15658 1992 345pp. $22.95.

In God's good providence, this book is back in print after almost 350 years. (It was first published in 1654). We are living in a day when we are seeing an increasing hatred for Biblical Christianity in our culture and sadly within many churches. Christians have been and, I believe, will increasingly, be put in a position where their faithful, loving stand for the truth will lead to verbal abuse, hindrances to promotions, job loss, and perhaps even jail terms. Thus Christians are often faced with compromise and giving in to temptation rather than holding fast to the claims of the Gospel and its implications for all of life.