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Apologetics: The Bible Alone is Our Ultimate Starting Point

In our last issue, we emphasized that Cornelius Van Til best represents the heart and soul of the Reformed Faith when it comes to a faithful defense of the Faith. The great battle cry of the Reformation was SOLA SCRIPTURA (the Scripture alone is the sole authority in all areas of life). One cannot be truly Reformed without gladly rallying around that battle cry. It is true that there are apologists who are Reformed in their theology but not adherents of Van Til's emphasis in apologetics. It is this writer's conviction that these men are not totally consistent to their theology by refusing to agree with Van Til's governing presupposition. By presupposition we mean one's ultimate starting point; what one assumes to be truth; a maxim accepted on its intrinsic merit; a self evident truth. Van Til's presupposition is: the self attestation of Scripture - that the Bible is the word of God because it claims divine authority to be the very word of God. Van Til argued relentlessly that the faithful Christian apologist has no choice but to start with this presupposition.