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His Story - God's Providence, Columbus Contra Mundum Part 3

The last year has left us all stunned with the reality of what men of small minds and darkened hearts can do with a little knowledge. The "Multiculturalists" have, with undisguised glee, pointed to all the "faults" and "sins" of Columbus and the European Christians who came to this continent in the late 15th and early 16th century. It has been an extraordinary lesson in how half-truths are being used in the long war against Christianity.

And, make no mistake, their enemy is not this or that explorer -- it is, rather, Christianity itself. This is why we cannot ignore them (though you can't imagine how sorely tempted I am to do so). This is why the world in general and legitimate scholars in particular, haven't responded to their ridiculous claims with the ole horse laugh. They have seen in this sophisticated foolery, another opportunity to discredit Christianity. [Remember, the only bigotry that is acceptable nowadays, is that exercised against Biblical Christians.] And, since Columbus (and so many others) were so open in their profession of Christianity, they appear to be great targets for the "slings and arrows" of the outrageous.