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His Story - Gods Providence, The Ignoble Savage

As the multicultural nazis continue their rampage through our society, reports tell us that most of the significant damage is still confined to our colleges and "multi-versities." That does not mean that we can safely ignore it however -- for their ideas are rapidly becoming the "new orthodoxy" of the land.

One of the significant cornerstones of this new-fledged orthology is the concept of "the noble savage." This, of course, is not a new notion. The idea was (and is) that the natives who lived in the jungles of Africa and on the islands and mainlands of the Americas, lived in primeval bliss. They enjoyed perfect harmony with nature, had plenty to eat and drink, were free of materialistic cares, capitalistic strife, and all the other problems of modern, Western civilization. They had no pollution (they reverenced the land), they suffered no discrimination (an egalitarian paradise), they even (so say some) had no, or very little, disease(!).