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His Story - Gods Providence, The Indian as Environmentalist

If you are around forty (or older), you can remember, no doubt, one of the more famous anti-litter television commercials of the mid-sixties. The "typical American family" is shown tooling down the road in their Chevy having a typically American good time, when suddenly, they throw trash out of the car window. The camera slowly pans from the trash in the highway up to the roadside where a stately Indian sits on horseback. As the camera moves in, we see a big tear roll down his cheek. The lesson was clear and powerful: "If it wasn't for these low-life paleface slobs, the country woμld be neat, clean, and beautiful" (Ie., like it was when the Indians had the land all to themselves). Because of this ad campaign, nearly the entire "Tee-Vee" generation grew up ashamed of being of European descent.