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His Story - Gods Providence, The Indian as Egalitarian

According to John Greenway, historians "write about the Indian because the Indian in the American mind is as imaginary as Sandburg's Lincoln, a creation of fantasy, guilt and ignorance, on which everyone is his own authority: Such is the altogether sad and dangerous situation in which we presently find ourselves. Bear with me, dear reader, as I once more attempt to expose a few more myths about the Indian.

One of the more enduring fantasies of "native American" culture is that it was an egalitarian paradise. Women were respected as equals; male chauvinism was nonexistent; children were adored; all dwelt together with mutual respect and unfailing love. This, of all the dreamy dreams of the left, is perhaps the most mystifying to explain. Whereas, one can understand why the radical environmentalists think they have historical allies in the Indians; how feminists and their fellow egalitarians can interpret native American society as an Egalitarian Nirvana is beyond me. We once again have an illustration either of utter ignorance of the facts or a brazen dishonesty in the use of them.