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Education and Covenantal Continuity: Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78

"All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who keep the demands of his covenant," Psalm 25:10. The words of this verse imply education, education concerning the "covenant," and covenant "keeping" or continuity. The promise is that those who are educated in the covenant and keep the covenant will enjoy and experience the blessings of God.

What is the purpose of "education"? A dictionary definition of education is "the impartation or acquisition of knowledge, skill, or discipline of character." However, that does not adequately define the purpose of education. The word "educate" comes from the latin "educo" which means "to lead out." Dr. J.G. Vos wrote, "Education is intended to lead a person out - to bring out his possibilities and enable him to become a better more effective person - more helpful to society and more satisfying to himself. It is meant to help a person fully realize his potential as a human being. The educated person has a grasp of things, a sense of values, an appreciation of life, an ability to judge and appraise ideas and things, a competence to ask relevant questions and to penetrate popular prejudices and fallacies - in other words, a balanced, all-around effectiveness as a person - which the uneducated person simply does not have...."