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Book Review: Sermons From 1828 to 1860 by William Cunningham

Sermons from 1828 to 1860 by William Cunningham, Still Waters Revival Books 4710-37A Ave. Edmonton , AB Canada T6L 3T5 hb. 416 pp.

These twenty-eight sermons from the pen of Dr. William Cunningham are each theological honeycombs dripping with an evangelistic love for the Lord Jesus. Cunningham is probably best known for his theological lectures. However such knowledge should not deter the reader from purchasing this volume. Dr. Cunningham approaches each passage with a pastor's heart. He does not take the reader down various theological roads of thought pointing out theological errors. Instead he opens up the text in a simple Scriptural manner. For example in his sermon entitled How to Estimate Repentance (Luke 15: 10) he sets forth his aim in his introduction: "We shall attempt first to explain the true Nature and Character of that event or transaction which is described in the text the repentance of a sinner; and then consider, in the second place, what are the feelings with which this event is or ought to be viewed." (p.20) Having set out the path that is to be covered, he takes the reader along that trail of thought.