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Mission Report: Taking the Reformation to the Ukraine

From October 12-22, 1993, I had the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and bring the Reformed faith to the former soviet Republic of Ukraine. About the size of the state of Texas, the Ukraine, the "Bread Basket of Europe," lies just east of Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, and north of the Black Sea. Joe Morecraft and I were invited to participate in a Pastor's Conference for Baptist preachers organized by a Baptist Church in Georgia under the auspices of BEE - Bible EducaLion by Extension. The purpose of this evangelical organization is to train pastors in foreign countries so that they can carry on the work of the church in their villages and cities.

The truth of the words of Proverbs 8:36 were all too evident in what we saw and experienced in the Ukraine: "All who hate me (wisdom) love death." The 8th chapter of Proverbs says I. All creation reveals the wisdom of God: The countryside was beautiful and fruitful with vast open fields of rich black dirt, wide rivers, verdant mountains; 11. Those who reject God's wisdom love death: The fruit of atheistic Communism was devastating and destructive; but III. God blesses those who receive His wisdom: God's people were nevertheless hopeful, joyful, faithful, and persevering in the midst of distress and difficulty.