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To the Triune God Be All the Glory

My heart has ever been prone to wander from my God - ever since my birth! Baptized and sealed in the Name of the Triune God as His property when only one month old, and raised by my religious yet unconverted mother to attend church daily during the first seven years of my life - under my atheistic father's influence I myself nevertheless broke with Christianity, radically and completely, when only eight years of age! Thereafter, I dedicated all my talents to the furtherance of the false religion of atheism, and avidly studied rationalistic books on paleontology, archeology and anthropology. So that by the time I was a teenager I was a most convinced and articulate evolutionist and openly laughed at Christians, who tried to tell me that all the world's problems started when the "mythical" Eve munched an apple "once upon a time" some 6,000 years ago.