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Should Society Discriminate Against Homosexuals?

In a humanistic society where the State is God, the worst anathema, the number one sin, is discrimination. After all, we are told, man is basically good and the humanistic ideal of egalitarianism has been universally accepted. Consequently, it is unfair for people to be treated differently for any reason and it is certainly unfair for one person to have more money, land or a better car than anyone else. (One wonders how the humanistic elite will solve the problem of unequal intelligence). As a result of the prevailing egalitarianism, even the most atrocious and wicked legislation can be ramrodded through Congress if only it carries the words "Civil Rights" or "anti-discrimination" in its title: What congressman would want to answer accusations that he is against civil rights? How is anyone who favors discrimination going to be re-elected? In our "enlightened" age to discriminate against anything is something on the order of being opposed to mom, apple pie, and baseball.