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Sermon on Luke 3:1-22 - The Ministry of John the Baptist Part 2

John the Forerunner is a singular voice crying in the wilderness. "The person disappears in the glory of his calling, receding before the contents of his cry. The cry sounds like the long, drawn-out trumpet blast of a herald." - Delitzsch in Lenski. "The whole man was a sermon. The message was more than the messenger, and hence the messenger is regarded as mainly a voice." - Plumer

"the wilderness," and its scenery, symbolize "the moral obstacles which have to be removed by the repentance baptism of John, in order to prepare the people for the reception of the Messiah, or (as some prefer) of Jehovah, Isa. 35:8-10. -- Just as Oriental monarchs, when making a royal progress, send a courier before them to exhort the population to prepare roads, so the Messiah sends His herald to exhort His own people, Jn. I: II, to prepare their hearts for His coming." - Plummer. Again, it must be emphasized, the wilderness and its obstacles are found in the hearts of the people.